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FrustratedAmy , 13 Dec 2013

Calling in sick to work...

This compulsive picking is so out of control...I have a large pimple on my cheek, which I resisted picking until this morning when I got up and it finally came to a head. I used a needle and tweezers to drain it, and then couldn't cover it with makeup. So, what did I do? I called in sick to work. Into my dream job, that I was fortunate to get after graduating from college a few years ago. I feel so guilty for lying to my boss, letting him down and missing our work Christmas party. Today, I just feel really low. I also have to confess to my husband that I called in because of my face. How embarrassing...he has always been so successful. Does anyone else do this? Call in sick because they don't dare be seen?
2 Answers
December 13, 2013
Talk to your husband, he will be there for you. It will be easier to stand tall with a shoulder to lean on. Just like when you're sick you take medicine and rest to feel better use today to rest and get your mind back in a good place so you aren't so stressed and can go back to work on Monday with a can do attitude. One thing I think we do too much in life is put ourselves down. You say your husband is succesful almost implying that you aren't but you have your dream job so it sounds like something is going right. I'm looking for an accountability partner if you're interested in trying to stop.
December 31, 2013
I have done the same thing SEVERAL times over the years! Over my 20 year career, I have called in sick for literally DAYS until my face has healed. Yup, it feels pathetic at the time, but it got to the point where I couldn't beat myself up about it and you shouldn't either. Putting pressure on yourself will only enhance the picking, so be patient and go back into work with a positive attitude. Best of luck!

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