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Daybyday , 13 Dec 2013

I started picking at an ingrown hair on my vaginal area and have now picked it to a hole.

I'm 18 and have always had Trichotillomania type skin picking tendencies. Last night I got no sleep and now it is the next morning and I have had no sleep now for two days. Last night I started picking at a ingrown hair on my vagina and kept picking and picking. The more I picked the more the hole that I had creatted from picking got bigger. Something about ingrown hairs is like a manifestation to me. If I found one and am able to pick it out than I feel a sense of accomplishment. The more I tried picking out a tiny tiny hair that I don't even know was even there the deeper the whole became and the more I got angry and frustrated I started to just scratch and kept scratching away skin trying to get deeper deeper down to get the ingrown hair. I feel so weird and scared. I don't want a scar and I'm just ashamed of myself right now. I have to go work at 11 and becuase I was sitting on my computer all night I haven't slept all day. Im sorry of I'm coming off bitchy. Thank you for reading. If someone to talk to me I would really appreciate that.
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December 13, 2013
I also pick at ingrown hairs. I don't know what type of work you do but I would suggest putting some antibiotic and a bandage so it doesn't rub and irritate it worse. As for no sleep hopefully you have access to coffee and lots of it. You don't need to feel ashamed. That is just going to cause you more stress and lead to more picking.

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