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thebeautifulugly , 14 Dec 2013

What brands of makeup does everyone use?

I'm always searching for the best face makeup to use that is full-coverage, doesn't clog pores, and won't make me breakout. And I realized that this forum is the perfect place to ask-- who better to help me out than my fellow pickers! Currently I'm using loreal Paris true match makeup in light ivory and nude beige (I mix together) but I've been using this so long and I need something that covers better and looks more natural. I heard kat von dee's lock - it tattoo foundation works wonders, since it was made to conceal tats, but I have yet to try it for myself. Also, how many of you out there use MAC powder?? Is this really the best for full-coverage? For skin pickers, makeup can be our savior after a bad session. I want something that won't rub off, something durable (maybe even waterproof?!) and still natural looking. Help me out! :)) I also have a huge problem with color and trying to find shades that match my skin tone.
10 Answers
December 16, 2013
CindyR I find that most make-up just dries out whatever I am trying to cover and makes it worse. Then the scab will get dry and have edges and give me something more to pick at. But sometimes I just have to cover something. I like using a yellow under the eye dark circle eraser - I like the one Physicians Formula makes. I cover the blemish/scab with this and then put foundation over that. I do it only when it seems absolutely necessary to wear make-up. I prefer not wear any and at this time I am not.
December 16, 2013
Hello! I have a routine that might actually help you! First off, you want to make sure you moisturize the scab, so the makeup will stick and not look all dry. I use Lasinoh overnight and use Puracyn as a toner. You can find Lasinoh anywhere, in the baby aisle, it's actually a nipple cream for nursing mothers, it's usually $10. LOL! The Puracyn you can find at Walgreens by the neosporin. It is in a box and is a squirt bottle and is $15. For really bad spots, spray the Puracyn on a bandaid and put a huge glob of Lasinoh underneath and leave overnight. Now for the MAKEUP! I have never been happy with cheap makeup for my face...but I do cheap out on the eye stuff, so I won't cover that. For foundation, look up Makeup Forever Full Coverage. I am pretty light toned, sounds like you are too, and I use #4. You can get it at Sephora or Ulta and it's about $35 for a small bottle. However, I only use it on the spots...I do not apply it all over because it matches my skin so well. It is definitely worth trying because you can go to either Sephora or Ulta and buy it, take it home and try it and if it doesn't match, you can return it and swap it out for another shade. It took me 2-3 times to find the right one! So, I just put that on the spots. THEN, when you are at Sephora, pick up Tarte Smooth Operator, it's $30. If you have oily skin AT ALL, then this will be perfect! Mine is oily and I no longer need a primer or anything. I just apply this on top. It lasts FOREVER! I just got a new one and on average, I use it 3-4 times a day and it lasted 6 months! Check those things out and see if they work for you. I like this routine, it's a bit pricey, but these are my lifesaving products!
January 10, 2014

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Thanks for sharing your routine with me!! I read your reply a few days after you posted, but i'm just now getting around to responding, i've been avoiding thinking about my skin and my picking, and unfortunately without some sort of routine i lose my willpower and let my picking overtake me. :/ Luckily now i dragged myself up and i'm ready to fight. I wanted to go to the drugstore right away after i read this to get the puracyn and lansinoh, but it was 5 in the morning and i decided to wait, haha. I now have the lansinoh, although i havent used it yet. i couldnt find the puracyn at the walgreens i normally go to, but i'm going to try another store to pick it up today. I cant wait to try this routine!! I'm only on day 1 of not picking, so i'm going to wait til my skin is clearer to buy the makeup, seeing as how its sort of pointless to try out new makeup when your face is all scabby. I'm definitely going to make a sephora trip-- usually i just purchase items online there, but i want to be able to find the right color and return it if needed. That actually takes a lot of stress away just knowing i can return the wrong color, i cant tell you how frustrating it is to not be able to wear my EXACT shade of makeup. I'll keep you updated once i try the routine in the next few days, I'm hoping that taking care of my skin and finding the right makeup will be motivation for me to do the ULTIMATE skin care step: not picking in the first place. :)
January 12, 2014

In reply to by thebeautifulugly

Hello! If you go to Puracyn's's just and then click Buy, you can do a store locator! That way you don't waste your time driving is usually right next to the neosporin. I wanted to send you another update because I have been doing this for months and am really happy with the results. I had a bad breakout a couple weeks ago and for once, I felt like my sores weren't open for weeks on end. So, I highly recommend the Puracyn...I have even been using it as a toner in the morning and night. I had this breakout because I switched up my birth control. I was on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen and the breakouts were horrible, so of course, I would pick and everything was a total disaster! However, my Dr. now switched me to Ortho-Cyclen, which gives you the same dosage of hormones all month and my face has gotten insanely clear! I just started my second pack, but it's amazing! I still broke out around my period though. I wasn't sure if you were on any sort of birth control, but it would be worth asking your doctor at least! It is also great's free! I'm not sure if that's because of my insurance or something the government is now regulating, but either's free each month! I really hope this works for you, I know this picking is just awful. I would do anything to make it stop and this routine is really helping me. I still pick at my scalp though, under my hairline. It is horrible! My fingers are crossed for you! Just stay on this site, it helps writing about it and sharing your experiences. :)
January 13, 2014
I've been using the Clinique Acne Solutions liquid foundation for probably 4 years now and it's absolutely amazing. It stays all day, is a matte finish so you don't have to set it with powder unless you have super oily skin, and has never caused me to break out, in fact my face usually looks better after I remove it and blemishes that have popped up have begun to heal. It's on the pricier side, I think around $22, but SO worth it in my opinion. I work at Ulta so naturally I've tried my fair share of foundations haha but this one is amazing for acne prone skin if you want to be able to achieve full coverage.
August 22, 2014
You can use products as per your skin type. If you have sensitive skin use products from some trusted companies like for my Facial skin care I choose products with great care.
August 31, 2014
Suzanne Somers organic skin cleaning system works best for me. I've used expensive products but this actually helps and doesn't irritate my skin at all. Then I use a small amount of zinc oxide purchased a Rite Aid to cover the sore. Then a small amount of Adult Acnomel purchased at Rite Aid. I found this information about zinc and sulfur products on this site. Thank you thank you... I'm also changing to Suzanne's make up but for now I'm using Bare Minerals make up. BareSkin liquid make up, Mineral Veil and then any of their blush or radiance powders. I'm really seeing a difference in the amount of time my sores heal. Plus my hubs put my tweezers and loop in the safe so I can't use them. I also went to a Naturpath Dr and started a regimen of very needed supplements. I've learned our bodies heal better if our gut is healthy,... good luck to all xoxo
November 13, 2014

Clinique has a couple of nice foundations that work for me: the acne solutions foundation and the redness solutions foundation. I like both. If your skin is in a good phase, combine it a dab with your moisturizer for overall light coverage - it will look whitish until the moisturizer absorbs but is a nice finish. If you have some spots, wait til the base layer dries and then dab some makeup on the spot. Or use bare minerals powder and dab on the spot.

November 01, 2018

I just discovered this site, so my apologies for being years behind.
I have found NYX HD studio photogenic finishing powder to be a decent replacement for Tarte Smooth Operator that's much less expensive. Tarte is an awesome brand. I got a sample of Tarte shape tape concealer, its a bit more expensive than I would spend (around $35) but it's magic on coverage. I also like Benefit, Boi-ing set, I got a travel sized set of the 4 different concealers.

November 10, 2018

Priia ( is what my esthetician recommended and I have been using it for a few years. You can def get a full coverage if you need it. The only downside is there is there is no physical store.

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