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katiegardner , 17 Dec 2013

New to Site..Desperate. Eyebrow skin/Hair picking!

Hello everyone, I have been picking at the hairs below my eyebrows and in between my eyebrows. I am now 20 and have probably been doing this since I was 13 or 14. Under my eyebrows, and a little in between them, I have a little scar tissue which now causes my eyebrow hairs to become ingrown if I do not pick at them. So now I am in a cycle of needing to pick in order to get rid of the ingrown hairs, yet also creating more sores! I wear considerable amounts of concealer to cover the rough skin in between my eyebrows and underneath them. I can't remember the last time I have left the house without it. I'm really disappointed in myself because I feel as though I could be much prettier without this skin issue. I feel very alone! There is not much on the internet for this. Very thankful I found this site. Do any of you have advice to stop the picking and to heal the skin/experience? I was deciding on just throwing away my tweezers (or limiting my use of tweezing to once a week, for ~10 minutes), using plenty of gentle exfoliating scrub to help soften the scar tissue, and to use neosporin or scar-diminishing cream. I know this would take a lot of self-restraint and I was hoping this could help. Can somebody please advise me? I am very lost and embarrassed.

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