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Giraffe , 18 Dec 2013

New to the site

Hi all. I've known about this site for a whole but this is the first time I've posted. I have issues with depression, OCD and social anxiety, and I've been picking for more years than I can remember. I didn't realise for a long time that there were others who do it - I was so ashamed and disgusted with myself for such a long time, wondering why I do this and being frustrated that I can't stop. I've had boyfriends and friends who haven't understood and judge me for it - they just can't seem to understand why, and because I don't fully understand I can't really explain it. I pick mainly on my face and legs - my legs particularly are covered in scars which are so hard to explain, particularly in summer. Makeup doesn't cover it properly and I get so self conscious. Recently I've started doing it on my chest, breasts and arms so I'm getting quite desperate to get help. I've tried to replace it with other things, like trimming split ends, but that just doesn't seem to give me relief. I've also tried moisturizing and massaging my skin instead but it doesn't get rid of the urge. Does anyone have hints on how to avoid picking, and also moisturizers that can minimize old and new scars? I'm getting quite desperate. Thanks everyone
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December 18, 2013
Hi. I'm a skin picker too. And have been for 8 years but only recently realised that I'm not the only one:) people need to be aware that it is an actually condition to even Beguin to understand that you are going through. Try wearing gloves( you may need to tape them on) its so easy to take them off when u have the urge to pick. to stop u picking at your legs. And for your face when you go in your bathroom turn off or dim the lights. To get rid of scars on my face and body I have just bought a derma roller for £7 of eBay and I use that along with bio oil or coconut oil. Its working brilliant get rid of scars. If this is to harsh for you then just use the bio oil. Don't try and do the 30 day challage as it is totally unrealistic try 2 days then another 2 then 3 and so on..... Hope this helped. Xxx
December 19, 2013

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Thanks so much :) do you have and recommendations on brands of derma rollers, and what needle measurement would be best to start with? I already use bio oil and vitamin e cream for the bigger scars but it sounds like the derma roller would help a lot. It's such a relief to not feel alone in all this!!!!!!!!!!!
December 18, 2013
I've picked at my skin for years but over the past year I've slowed down a lot and things that have helped me are: Wearing lotion on my hands(I wont pick if I know the lotion will break me out if it touches my face. Not spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and looking at my eyes instead of the rest of my face when I need to look in the mirror. Using jojoba oil on my face which makes it too slippery to pick and it doesn't break me out.(It's also good for healing scars) Thinking of how terrible and unattractive I feel after having picked on a daily basis and keeping pictures of myself from when I used to pick a lot and also of other people with bad scars. Finally if I have a pimple I cover it with a small round band-aid so that I can't touch it.
December 19, 2013

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Thanks for all that :) yeah my biggest problem is in the bathroom - we have a heater light which shows up a lot more things that I can squeeze or pick, and I end up spending hours in there. I'll need to start restricting how long I spend in there. Thanks for the suggestions!
December 21, 2013
I too am a skin picker. After years of doing this I have left scars on my face that may never go away. Im interesting in trying this bio oil you discussed. I feel these dermatological methods are simply masking the true psychological issues of OCD, BDD, or whatever the case may be. Has anyone sought out professional help?

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