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ksg2003 , 15 Apr 2009

Skin Picking & ?????

I just found out today that thereis actually a name for my terrible habit. Also, I just found this site, awesome, wow, I can't believe it, theres more:) My question is; have any of you found any correlation or common denominator that all pickers share. I have multiple psychological disorders: Bipolar, Recovering Addict, ADHD, Anxiety and now add this to my list. Does anyone else on this forum share any of the above disorders? Do Picking and ADHD go and in hand; lets say. Or does Bipolarism and OCD go together. I think you all get the jist. If anyone out there knows any stats, or personal stories, or whatever that would correlate my thoughts, I would be most grateful. Thanks, PICKARELLA:)
3 Answers
April 15, 2009
Anxiety is DEFFINATLY a key denominator among most of us here. Welcome. XD
April 15, 2009
Hi! I'm kate. I have borderline personality disorder, major depression, anxiety, recovering self mutilator, recovering anorexic/bulimic, ptsd, and then the compulsive skin picking.
May 04, 2009
I also have noticed that alot of us see bed time as a trigger as well as suffering from EXTREME anxiety. Also many of us that I have read from suffer from some sort of OCD and PTSD. Make sure that you are being diagnosed properly. Alot of therepist out there confuse bipolar with PTSD because the symptoms can be similar. You can be a manic depresent because of PTSD not because you are bipolar. So alot of times we are misdiagnosed and mis treated by our docs and therapists.

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