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allmylife , 19 Dec 2013

Hello-I'm new

I was just on Facebook, on the Dr. Phil site, and I saw the word "dermatillomania" for the first time. I googled it and realized this is what I've been doing my whole life. I think my mother and grandmother did it too. I never realized there was such a thing. My picking in primarily my scalp but I'll do other areas if there is something to pick at. I'm not going to go into too many details yet but I'm kind of relieved to find this site.
2 Answers
January 06, 2014
my dad did it (feet) but i didn't make the connection then with my nail/finger biting (i have since moved down to my feet)... thank you for posting, because everyone's story and perspective is very useful to help understand what's going on.
January 10, 2014
I am new to this sight as well and am glad to find others; very therapeutic. I have a wonderful caring dermatologist who will point out the positive, "Looking much better" rather than I have a neurosis of picking. I even get shots into the sight for quicker healing. Then I go again, feel bad but find relief joining this forum:) This started 2006 and has gradually gotten worse. I have scars all over my left are, two areas now in the process of healing. The legs have one here or there, again, had injections but back to scraping the scab. This all sounds awful but knowing that others deal with this; maybe we can all help each other. I do enjoy wine at night and believe that it enables me to scratch only being mad at myself the next day. I also spend a lot of my evening watching TV, hubby (wonderful man) in his man cave so no one to help remind me. I say a lot of prayers, chat with friends who are always encouraging. God bless us all to overcome this!

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