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nastyab , 26 Dec 2013

On vacation and tempted to pick. Aaaaa!!!!!

I'm on vacation in Miami and of course I need my skin to look it's best for the beach, nightclubs, photos etc. I was doing ok all day and after I took a shower I noticed a couple of infected blackheads that just had to go. I was scared to pick at them because I imagined trying to squeeze them and making a big messy, bloody wound on my face which would look ten times worse than the blackhead. I barely stopped myself and left the bathroom. But now I am scared that the urges will come back and torture me until those blackheads are squeezed out. I'm gonna take this one day at a time but I'm so anxious about it now. :( :( any advice or support u guys got?
1 Answer
January 06, 2014
i'm guessing/hoping you survived, face intact. even if not, you still survived your vacation,meaning you have many more chances of stopping this habit that we all are battling with, alongside off you...

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