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Dman86 , 30 Dec 2013

Someone please help!

I have been with my wifey for 3 years now and at first I did notice she had a couple scars on her face. I have asked her about them and she said it was a staff infection. So obviously I believed her I believe everything until the last few months she has literally craters on her face! And as soon as they scab she will sit in the bathroom for literally 6-8 hours! And pick them all off and she gets very protective about me seeing she will spaz freak and start swinging then barricades the door and she will stay I'm there all night long sometimes and just pick away then throws on a tonne of makeup to cover it all up. She keeps telling me it's an infection and it has to be done well now I know this is not right. And just tonight we were driving on a couple hour ride and she started picking at her finger. I said what are you doing? She said there's little black spot that need to come out and she literally peeled the top layer of her finger the size of a dime and I told her it was nothing there it was clean flesh just under the skin not too deep bit enough to notice. I don't know what to do anymore I'm starting to look into a couple things but I have tried to convince her to let them scab and the scabs will do the healing and she still says she doesn't pick them but she is. it's obvious now and I try to tell her all the time to just leave them and let them heal. So thanks for reading and if anyone has advise I will take it !
2 Answers
December 30, 2013
First of all, just want to tell you that your wife is very lucky to have such a caring man like you. Now, as to your wife. Looks like she has a skin picking problem and is not ready to open up to you. You have to be patient. Pickers feel very embarrassed and guilty when others notice the scabs and wounds that they created. Let her know that you care about her and you're ready to listen if she needs to talk. Also tell her that you are willing to help her any way she needs. It took me a long time to tell my bf about my problem and he still doesn't know the whole extent of it but at least I think he understands when I'm going through hard times. Just be patient, don't pressure her and try not to make her feel guilty and embarrassed for her addiction. It's tough to do since pickers are very sensitive. Hang in there.
December 30, 2013

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For a start your wife may not even know about dermatillomainia. Or even think she has a problem. I have been picking for eight years and I have only recently realised I am a compulsive skin picker or that it is even a condition. I also use to spaz out if my partner walked in on me mid pick but if he didn't I wouldn't have told him. Just show her that you are there for her no matter what which I can tell you are:)

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