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DocDevil , 31 Dec 2013

New to site and first time seeking help. Mine has morphed into other more harmful behaviors.

I am seeking help from you all with my picking of cuticals and nose to the point where they bleed. Ihave picked just about every part of body at some point in my life. About a month ago I had a moment of clarity. I self determined that the picking was infact self mutilation. I belive that underlying cause what ever underlyes this disorder has also progressed to the point where I abuse drugs. I have sought treatment for the addiction. It was acouple of years ago. I got clean and back on track. I lost my job for unrelated reasons....and began using again. I am seeking what I am beginning to believe that the picking is hallmark or indicator of a deeper phychological problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx
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January 06, 2014
you mention that you believe there's a deeper psychological reason to this new behavior so it would make sense for you to talk to a psychotherapist. skin picking is yet another addiction which it seems you are particularly vulnerable, given your drug addiction. so get help asap.

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