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penny1234 , 02 Jan 2014

I pick at my ears and nose.

So it seems like most of you guys pick at visible areas but I mostly pick at my ears and nose. I have definitely been yelled out by the ENT which is troublesome because I don't want to go anymore because my doctor makes me feel bad. Actually though, if there is a visible blemish I will pick at that pretty badly too. I have picked my scalp, pimples, and even my girly area, eek! I seem to notice that if that if there is not a cut or sore I will not mess with it. However, my ears mainly will never heal because I constantly pick at them. I can't even use low grade q-tips because they will break or the cotton will get stuck in my ears. I have no wax because it is not even able to form and I mainly pick scabs. I use a water bulb thing to squirt water in my ears because sometimes I can't even hear because I have pushed everything down in my ears. Its weird. I know you guys would understand but it feels so good. It feels like such a relief and peeling the scabs off feels so satisfying. I have tried putting neosporin to heal the cuts but I never make it to a full heal. HELP!
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January 06, 2014
make an appointment to see a psychotherapist and don't be shy about changing therapists until you find the right one. do not wait.

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