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penny21 , 03 Jan 2014

went to se a doctor about skin picking. cps dermatillomainia......

Hi:)I'm 21 and I have been picking my face for 8 years. Even before I had mild acne. I have just been to see my doctor. I was soo scaird and nervous that when I went to tell him what was wrong with me I burst out crying. I told him about my skin picking and tthat I have allways sat for hours in the mirror and I go in to a trance and that I pick when I'm scaird or nervous or upset or even before a night out or party. I all so told him that I miss work or social events and it makes mW not want to go out. He didn't seem to listen he just went on his computer and started typing up prescriptions for me. He told me I need to take lymecyline capsuals( tatyrsill) which I have been on for god knows how long for acne. And then for adaplene ( differin gel) which I got home and looked and its the same as I have been using for a long time!!! He told me that my picking was just a bad habit!! Has anyone else had this???? I made me feel abit worthless. I have stopped picking my skin except if I get a white head. But I still havebad uurges to pick. Do I really just have a bad habit?? Or has my doctor just not listened to me??? :(
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January 03, 2014
I'm sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience; I had a similar event happen to me seven years ago when I went to see a doctor about my other ocd related compulsions. Not as bad though because he acknowledged that I do have an anxiety disorder; he just was very disconnected and all too eager to pass out a prescription. That's when I figured out I'd need to see someone who specializes in the treatment of ocd and other anxiety disorders. I've been about where you are now with picking in the last year; only nose black heads once a week and the occasional white head but as of new years I've resolved to stop altogether. Anyways I'm basically telling you that dermatillomainia is a real anxiety disorder which for me relates entirely to my ocd. I took three psychology classes in high school and although I have been aware and put a name to my ocd in childhood; my studies in high school informed me of dermatillomainia.
January 03, 2014

In reply to by Flynn

He was typing out my prescription before I had even finished telling me what was wrong. He didn't ask me any questions. Havnt been stopped picking my face for long. But I'm doing great so far.I have also manage LD to atop picking my arms and legs in the past. And I wanted advice off my doctor because I have bad urges and I don't want to start picking again. It took a lot for me to go the doctors and tell him and he just didn't listen.
February 23, 2014

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He may have been listening but he did not truly hear your cry. He did the best he could do. I encourage you to not give up and keep searching until you find the help you deserve. It's out there.
February 25, 2014

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He herd me crying alright lol i couldnt controle it i just burst into tears. Its not the first time i have cried in there. I dont want to change doctors. Who else could i go and see ツ♥ xx
January 06, 2014
a regular GP doesn't usually help. as in the previous post, this is some sort of OCD issue so a psychiatrist/psychotherapist is a better choice of professional to talk to. you may still be rx'd meds, but they'll usually listen first and maybe recommend other options. if not, continue to change providers until you find the ones who will listen to your concerns.
February 23, 2014

In reply to by lostinskin

Yes. Continue on until you make the right connection to get the help you need to end this horrible cycle and affliction. This pain associated with the picking is a sign of the pain we are living with. The insanity it incurs only inflicts more self harm. Inducing more pain, shame, humiliation and in turn lower self esteem. We are in this boat together. I believe we can over come with some help from our friends.
January 10, 2014
I distinctly remember my dermatologist saying, "Does your skin bother you as much as it does me?" What a jerk! That was 10 years ago and it still burns. I hate this!
January 18, 2014
This is a disorder. I would count it as the same category than OCD. I know how you feel and I hate that this is so unknown. People should be more aware of this. I'm a male, 15 years old. I still have this thing, and I'm thinking of stopping it. If you want, we can email eachother and try to quit together! :) Contact me if you're interested:
February 12, 2014

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Hey! I'm kinda new in this, would it be okay it I e-mailed you? I think you are really brave if you want to stop this, I really hope we can talk!
January 19, 2014
My derm knew that I pick from just seeing the wounds on my nose and under my nose. She gave me bionect which is a cream . They give it to cancer patients when they have radiation burns. It really helps. I also am on solodyn which is an extended release doxy so it works all day Versus doxy that works for a few hours. I still pick . I did last night and opened up the wound on my nose . I put that stuff on with a bandaid as I slept and it scanned over. I just can't stop
February 08, 2014

In reply to by Alliemonty85

Thank you all for your posts I really appreciate them<3 I don't want to change drs because hr is brilliant but he just is not informed about dermatillomainia he didn't even know what it was !! Xxxx

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