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freshstart2014 , 06 Jan 2014

5 days in - what's worked, what hasn't

Since deciding to stop picking, I've gone 4 days without compulsive picking and one with (yesterday evening). What I'm focusing on is the 4 days, in which I felt really proud of myself. Even though stressful things were happening, I was able to resist. One thing I'm going to work on is not touching my face. Even though I wasn't picking, I was touching my face almost all day. That made my skin break out, which really made me want to pick. A few things that have helped: Switched out the bulb in my bathroom for a 15w bulb. Really made a difference last night because I wasn't able to see every single blemish. Washing my face early in the evening, when I'm most tempted to pick. Washing my face makes me feel like I'm doing something good for myself. This one might sound funny: playing this game Dots on my phone. When you connect 4 dots in a square they disappear and your phone vibrates. Kind of gives me that picking buzz. Covering my blemishes up with something in the evening, which prevents me from picking at them and makes me feel like I'm doing something about them. I was using Neutragena On the Spot cream, but it was drying my skin out (which also made me want to pick). I'm going to try Nu Skin as well as facial masque (not at the same time, though!). I find it so hard not to be compulsive. If I'm not picking, it just seems like that energy goes somewhere else. It's frustrating, but it's what I've got to work with.
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January 07, 2014
picking drains my energy. if i distract myself, keeping busy, going out doing things, i won't pick. otherwise, i need to remember to do something else instead of picking (so when i get the urge, i'm gonna try to get into the habit of doing something good, like stretching or exercise).

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