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frankie2 , 07 Jan 2014


Hello! I've dealt with peeling skin off my legs for over 3 years now, call it cliche but it is a new year and it's time to stop this. It's ruining almost every part of my life and I am barely living- saying no to outings and to hanging with friends and pushing away my boyfriend not allowing him to fully see me naked. It's emotionally draining. I've decided to start small with a 1 week challenge. Baby steps will still get you to where you want. Tonight I will be purchasing the Skin Pick book from this site and educating myself so I can truly understand this disease. I believe every one has the ability to change their life now I'm going to start living by that motto! Next week I am going to look into therapy sessions. I find it difficult talking to those close to me and I feel talking to a stranger, so to speak, will definitely help. I will be buying aloe vera gel as well as a nice natural moisturiser to start repairing the skin on my legs as of tonight. Feel free to comment or even join in on each challenge, the more the merrier! Let's all start a new healthy and happy life :D Speak soon -M
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January 07, 2014
best of luck. i tried recently to stop it all (fingers, feet, lips), slipped up on my third day but still trying, so i'm gonna go with your one week challenge and raise it with the rest of my life... (lots of emory boards, vaseline and other lotions)
January 07, 2014

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Good work! Just keep trying, we just have to remember that even the tiniest bit of progress is still progress, that's still 2 whole days that you didn't pick :) focus on that rather than you slipping up
July 12, 2014
Hey, how are things going?! Did the book help you? I am new to this site and I am very relieved to know other people have the same problems I do and are willing to talk about it. But I need to talk to some people who are recovering because I want that for myself too. How have you been doing and is the book any good??

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