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vintageblue4 , 08 Jan 2014

My first post

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with peeling and picking at things. Paint, glue, you name it, if it could peel, I would pick it. Peeling skin was and still is my weakness. Weird obsession? It's even been given a proper medical diagnostic name, dermatillomani. I was actually relieved to learn this because it meant I wasn't the only one out there with a picking fetish, and I might even find some people who can relate. My urge to pick comes in waves. I think I pick most when I am anxious or stressed- right on target with textbook behaviors of dermatillomani. Peeling skin, my weakness. I know it's bad and damaging, but I actually enjoy getting a sunburn- minus the first week when I'm sore as hell. Once the blisters begin to pop, my skin is ready to peel. I'll stand in front of a mirror for hours peeling my skin off in a trance like state. I pick my feet a lot too- especially in the winter time when I don't have a sunburn to peel. I sometimes even take a tweezers to my feet to pick at the soles of my feet where the skin peels off in big pieces. I doing some research on the internet I came across this product that acts as an exfoliater for your feet- BINGO, I was sold instantly. The product didn't turn out to be so great, it flaked away the dead skin, but it was by no means "a good peal" like the pictures had indicated And check out this video. Youtube oddly has a huge collection of videos of people peeling their skin- do a search, you'll see. I will never appear on youtube. Did I forget to mention I'm a "secret picker." Nobody knows about my secret obsession with picking and peeling. I used to think I was so weird because I pick, but once I did a little searching on the internet I found out I'm not alone. So I've come out on my blog. I've always wanted to talk about my weird habits (among other things). I came across a blog called the diary of a skin picker and it made me want to start my own blog to share my experiences as a skin picker. If you are a fellow picker, I'd love to hear from you. If you're not, I'd still love to hear from you about how insanely odd you think I am.
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January 08, 2014
thanks for sharing the link and blog (the video didn't seem as realistic as others where they had to really dig into it; it made me tense watching 'em). btw, kudos for "coming out" here where you're not odd at all.

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