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ladyd13 , 08 Jan 2014

Thought I was alone

I am so embarrassed by this and I thought I was alone. I had no idea that other people did this. Unfortunately, unlike many of you I do not enjoy it. I t is painful and my feet look and feel horrible. Being a diabetic I often worry about infection. The skin on my feet grows so thick and is so dry that picking is the only relief as picking somehow relieves the horrible itching. I have tried everything to soften the skin on my feet and nothing works, absolutely nothing. I have awaken out of a sound sleep because the itching was so bad and had to sit on the side of the bed and pick until I got some relief and then apply some cream or lotion to try and relieve the dryness. Not sure how anyone actually enjoys this, but looking at the damage I have done over the last few days, it's time to see a doctor. Problem is they always want me to try this or that and it never works. I end up with a cream or lotion that the foot doctor swore by, which was costly and not covered by insurance, and ends up being useless. Afraid with my diabetes I am going to end up losing to feet to infection. I did get some pointers through reading the posts and I will start to apply antibiotics. Still grateful to know I am not alone. Just wish you guys didn't enjoy it so much!!
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