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lisaa , 09 Jan 2014

in pain from picking

iv had termatillomania for years my main places I pick or my legs arms and back im scared badly from this and cover up in summer because I am embarrassed and ashamed of what I do. I have to wear dark clothing to hide the blood from picking my bedding is always needing washing from blood stains from picking, the picking has been at its worst for the past month now due to anxiety of xmas, this is when I went to dr,s asking for help iv been before over the years but gp,s don't no enough about skinpicking for us to get help and support we need,but this time I made my gp listen I told her I don't care what you do how you do it but this is what I have and you have to help me as im in horrendous pain from picking, iv been referred for counciling which is a start, what has made me get help for this is the pain im in I no its brought on worse by anxiety but its also a o.c.d as I still do daily, but what hurts the most is when my 4 year old grandson is wanting cuddles and hes wrapping his arms around my back n shoulders and im in such terrible pain from the scabs and raw skin from picking I could cry from the pain but yet I just cant stop myself from doing it ..... this is my first post and im from the uk , any help advice or support and understanding will be greatly appreciated... thankyou X
4 Answers
January 10, 2014
I am so sorry to hear about the pain that you are in. Like you, I am a picker, but I do it mostly to my face. It gets sore too, so I can understand how you feel! You are correct about doctors not really understanding this issue. It's a very difficult topic to discuss with anyone and you put faith in a doctor to help you. If the counseling is not improving the situation, perhaps try another counselor. You need someone that you connect with and that HELPS you. I personally have spoken to my doctor and a counselor. Both were understanding, but I have mainly found that yoga and meditation have been the greatest remedy. I believe that the picking stems from anxiety and practicing yoga/meditation allows for relaxation and reflection. Good luck! :)
January 10, 2014
I feel your pain, literally! It sucks. Hang in there!
January 12, 2014
I want to tell my therapists too but I'm embarrassed and I'm not sure he'll understand. Keep us updated and let us know how ur therapy goes. Hang in there :)

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