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eargoblin , 11 Jan 2014

I eat MY BOYFRIENDS skin, in addition to my own

Hi All!! First time posting, but y'all seem like super-understanding and relatable people. So, here goes: I do the same things y'all do. I eat my white/blackheads, dandruff, scabs, ect... BUT!! My real question is, why do I feel the compulsion to eat my man's stuff? You know whats funny? He doesn't even know!! I "groom" him and eat it behind his back. He lets me groom him while we watch tv. His dandruff flakes, his scabs, his ear flakes, all delightful. I'll post more, but this is all I wanna post for now. I'm feeling y'all out...
1 Answer
January 12, 2014
I'll chew on and eat my own skin and scabs and stuff but doing picking to other ppl feels gross to me which is weird cuz it's all human skin if I think about it. Sometimes I wonder if my boyfriend thinks I'm a crazy person cuz I'll pick at my body and chew my skin while we're hanging out, watching TV, etc. My ex caught me picking at a scab and eating it and he freaked out. I said he's crazy and I did not do it. He just saw it all wrong. Embarrassing :(

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