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nastyab , 12 Jan 2014

Does anyone else hate going to Victoria's Secret store?

Feeling crappy about myself today. Did my hair this morning because I was going to go out with my sister and bf at night but with all this rain and whatever else my hair is now looking crappy. Went to the mall with my sister b/c she had to return something to Victoria's Secret. I hate that store. The most depressing place on earth. Looked in the mirror and saw how shitty my hair looked plus out of nowhere I got a big pimple on my cheek. All I could think about is how crappy I look and how I want to go home and pick at that pimple. Did I mention I hate Victoria's Secret stores? They make me feel so shitty about myself compared to those beautiful models. I tried to pick at the pimple but no luck. Now it's just a big bump on my cheek. I'm so embarrassed in front of my sis and boyfriend. I know they can see it. I bet they're thinking, "Ewww what a nasty ugly pimple." I don't understand why I get so upset every time I get a zit. People get pimples all the time. It's perfectly natural, but for some reason I am so hard on myself that every pimple is like a giant ugly mark on my face to me that says, "I am sooo ugly and nasty now that I got this disgusting zit!" I kno other ppl with zits don't gross me out. So why do I gross out myself?

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