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spottyface1 , 14 Jan 2014

Insensitive Doctors!??!

I had a laser treatment done on my face recently to help with the red marks and scars on my face from my picking. Although I have some pretty bad scars, I finally have my acne under control and have done better at not picking. I was feeling better about my face until the doctor came in to speak with me. I realize his job is to examine my face and to take a look at the flaws to determine which treatment would be best, but geez!! He quickly pointed out how bad my face looked! Instead of giving my hope, he almost just took it from me! Have any of you had any experiences with insensitive doctors??
3 Answers
January 14, 2014
I know I've posted this before, but my derm said "Does your face bother you as much as it does me?" Jerk!
January 14, 2014

In reply to by sunshinefunk

What a Complete Jerk!!! Don't they know that we are coming to them for help and some hope...not to be insulted!! I'm sorry that your derm said that to didn't deserve that! At least we have this site for comfort.

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