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ERA , 20 Apr 2009

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hello im ERA ive had a problem with picking at my body ever since i was a lilltle girl i never liked scabs on my body it didnt matter where they were ,,i would constantly be told by my family tht i would regret the picking in the future and i do i have tons of scars on my body and every day they remind me my bad habbits,,ive tryed everyting i know to stop,,ive had ppl tell me to stp picking whn they catch me but it jst makes me angry at them for mentioning boyfriend has a big problem with it which is good cause i know he cares but it still hurts inside knwing that i ruin my body and face ..i wnt my pretty skin and smile to show again but i jst dnt knw if i can do it..i live with the fact tht i will always wonder if my face is bleeding in public or if ppl are looking at me,,

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