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ninaxorax , 15 Jan 2014

Skin picking and sexuality

I’m 18 and I have been picking for about 5 years. I wanted to know if skin picking can be linked with sexual life and with the repression of sexual instincts. I kissed a boy only one time, but I’ve never had any other experience and I’ve never had a boyfriend. Please don’t confuse sexuality with feelings and emotion: I am talking about the physical aspect. I know it can seem strange, but I have been thinking about it a lot, because I want to understand the reason why I can’t stop picking. I would be glad if you share your experience and thoughts. I know it’s a very delicate topic, I hope you don't feel embarassed. Thank you for your support.
2 Answers
January 18, 2014
Well hello, hello! It's weird how the mind works... The reasons of picking depends completely of the person. If you are really disturbed about being a virgin, then it might be. From my personal experience, it's something from below that keeps us doing that. Mine for example is stress. And because I'm a man, it's really hard to find any help. The ratio of dermatillomania is 1 man to 8 women. Odd, isn't it? I hope you realize when and why you're picking. That's the key to everything. Bless you! ♥ :)
July 21, 2014
I agree it depends on the person. In my case, I picked before and after I got married. I'm learning now it's more related to my thought process, and avoiding a feeling. I have to stop mid picking and identify what I'm uncomfortable thinking upsetting someone unintentionally. It negatively affects my sex life because I am embarassed to have bandaids on my back or feel sexy for my husband when I know I have raw spots on my face. So, find out what your triggers are and go from there. I'm learning I have to rationally think through the feeling I'm trying to avoid, like, hello, don't assume what other people think and if they know you well enough they won't think bad about you and even if they did they would let it go.

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