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Alliemonty85 , 18 Jan 2014


Okay so went to the derm today and she is amazing! I told her I picked my acne so i had three wounds on my face two on nose and one under. She put me on solodyn which has worked quickly to heal in the past. She also gave me bionect cream which works amazing. I had it on for two days and it dried the wound up. I was using lanolin which was helping prevent infection but this bionect stuff was allright. I know I have to start picking because stress makes my face worse.: So moving on. My daily makeup routine is I start off using la Roche posay face wash because it has a 5.5 ph level. Then I slop on their duo acne treatment. After that I throw on cetaphil moisturizing lotion. My makeup savior is Mac Pro longwear concealer. It is better than Dermablend. I end up putting that on and then bare minerals bisque over the covered spot to set. I hope it helps.. This site has been a real help. I'm hoping once my nose stuff heals I will try to wear less makeup and let my cysts heal on its own. It's really hard I may have to throw my tweezers away
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January 18, 2014
Good for you! ♥ I'm way too shy to reach for any help, so could you give me some personal advices? It's so hard to find any help for males in this topic. The ratio is 1 man for 8 women. I hope you get better really soon! :)
January 19, 2014

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I just talk to my dermatologist. I still pick I did when I got home and now have the somewhat healed wound open on my nose. So now have to sleep with band aids on. It's more of the thinking that you have to realize what's going to happen when you pick

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