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Nausious , 18 Jan 2014

This is my story. Let me hear yours. :)

Hello everyone! You can call me Alexander. I am suffering of Dermatillomania, as you already guessed. I would appreciate tips on quitting and your stories. So, I'll start with the basics. I pick my fingers always when I'm stressed, and I live in a stressful enviroment. My family knows about my problem, but doesn't take it seriously. They don't even know it's something serious. My mom is pressuring me to quit and yells that I look outrageous. I'm very sensetive about this because of that. I am sometimes really stressed out. Even without a good reason. If I have a little worry added to the soup, bam, I'm shivering in the shower like the woman in 007 Casino Royale. So the only way to avoid stress and therefore picking, I do something that keeps me 100% busy like play computer games and follow comedy series. So long until my parents start to yell me about that. And I'm back to square one. Stressed out and demolishing my fingers like donald duck eats corn. SoSo I believe I know why I continue doing this. Stress. So, how do I controll stress? What should I do to get rid of my dermatillomania once I don't have any stress? Thank you everyone for reading my short sad story. This is my first time reaching for help, so I might be a bit shy... So now let me hear your story. :)

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