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BlackSquirrel , 19 Jan 2014

How to fade old scars?

Hey everybody, I have just registered with this site. I've been struggling with picking skin since I was quite young (I'm now 19), occurring simultaneously with OCD, (social) anxiety, depression, mild dyspraxia and ADD. I have cut down on the picking significantly, and I think I could easily stop as long as I have hope of fading the scars. All my scars are mostly over a year old. Does anyone know any proven products that can fade old scars? I probably should have acted upon it at the time but I was too foolish back then. These scars make life so difficult, having to hide them from people, and they make me feel imprisoned. They're making me stressed out and depressed. Any help would be grateful. :) Daniel
2 Answers
January 25, 2014
Hi, I feel your pain, I have scars from years of picking that I've been trying to get rid of and it has been emotionally exhausting- however, there is hope. :) I would highly recommend a chemical peel on the areas you have scars- personally, I have benefited from lactic acid/salicylic acid combo peels, and have seen the most dramatic results with a peel called the Vi precision peel (can only be done by a dermatologist or esthetician (costs about $300-$500, depending on where you live)). I've also tried jessner's/tca peels, but have seen less dramatic results with this on my arms and legs (which is where I've picked the most). I would also suggest getting Kojic acid cream (check amazon) as a safe and effective skin lighter for your scars (and of course hydroquinone cream, which you usually need a prescription for, although there have been recent studies showing links with this and cancer, so I would ask your doctor if this is an appropriate option for you). Best of luck, try your best not to pick!
July 11, 2014
HI, Last year I was also suffering from the same problem. Tried so many medicines & various types of beauty products but they made the situation worst for me. Then I consulted a well known dermatalogist . He suggested me to change my lifestyle like taking proper meal & sleep at time, avoid alocohol & oily junk foods, regular exercise. Along with this he prescribed Retin A ,kojic acid cream & to restore the dead skin back he recommended me to use LIFT BLUE suction cups for massage. This actually helped a lot. To know more about the suction cups check .

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