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jollyhordan , 23 Jan 2014

Just admitted there is a problem

I've been picking my lip since I was a child. All I can remember hearing from my parents and grandparents was "Quit picking." Yeah. Okay...I'll get right on that after I cure the common cold -_- I started picking scabs when I got a little older. Now I pick my lips, arms, legs, any tiny bump on my face, feet, hands and the edges of skin around my nails. And it's not just the initial pick. It's getting it to bleed so I know it will create a scab and I can pick it again. I have scars everywhere. I'm 25 years old and I don't know how to stop. I'll pick just because. I'll do it while I'm reading or watching television. Just because. I haven't seen a doctor because I'm quite nervous they'll tell me I'm crazy. What should I do?
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January 23, 2014
Hi Im not a sufferer myself, I am on this forum as I have a sister who is and I would like to help her, but when reading your post its like I am reading something my sister has written. Im not too well up on all of this, but from what I have learnt in the past, doctors are not well up on this condition either, so may not be able to help you as much as talking to a professional or even a friend can. I know I dont know what you are going through, however I know my sister does, and maybe you could email/chat/facebook to eachother and help eachother? If you want to e mail me I will pass it on. I havent actually told her I am on this group so maybe me passing on your details will be a chance to tell her ha. My email is - And well done for seeking help and not suffering alone in silence.

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