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Pixel_Picker , 23 Jan 2014

How to heal years of damage due to picking the palms of my hand?

Hi all, So I've been picking the skin on the palm of my hand for about 5 years now. I pick and pick and pick till it bleeds. I've finally figured out a way to manage it. Moisturizing gloves and lots of hand cream! You must wear them as much as possible! I've come a long way the past 3 weeks...finally there not much there to pick. But- the skin is still rough, red, raised and hard :( Can anyone recommend anything to help the healing proccess? I've used, shea butter, vaseline, polysporin, regular hand cream, spectro e-care cream, vitamin e, aloe vera gel.... Will the skin ever be normal again?! I'm getting slightly discouraged. Any advice is appreciated.

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