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juventas , 29 Jan 2014

My 30 Day No Pick Journal

Well I somewhat tried this before, but I am feeling more positive and motivated this time. My skin isn't actually too awful right now, but I went on a squeezing spree last nite and now have bunch of red little dots everywhere. If I hadn't done so, my skin would be looking pretty good! I am on a regimen right now of differin everyother day alternated with BHA and spot treating with benzaclin. It seems to really be helping, but I need to control myself and let the treatments and my skin do their jobs! I don't expect my skin to be perfect but at least it will look like I didn't pick and squeeze at it! So here is Day 1 of no skin picking. I am going to post a note on my mirror and I will post my success tomorrow! Blessings to you all, Tiffany
3 Answers
January 30, 2014
DAY 2 I did great yesterday and this morning, and I have confidence I will do great tonight after washing my face I will leave it alone! :)
February 10, 2014

In reply to by juventas

Yay! I think I'm going to do this as well bc I did that time before last time. I was all healed but then I got back in the mirror and I woke up next morning w several little red places like you were saying. For me these were nothing compared to the huge crater-like scabs I usually end up with they were small and unnoticeable and easily cover able but I didn't need to bc I felt so damn good that i was decent looking that nothing coulda stopped me that day. Well of course it was short lived a wk or two at most... The last 3 days I've disfigured my face to say the least and I couldn't be more ashamed. That's the prob w this whole thing.. It's so damn hard to admit bc it's do damn embarrassing. Anyways thought I'd say hi and hope uve kept up the good work bc I'm inspire now. Think I'll start tom!
February 10, 2014
This is such a great idea! How are you going? I am trying to start to better understand and stop myself picking my skin - its my biggest goal for 2014. I feel that I could really do with some moral support, hence joining this site. I hope you are going well.

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