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araneimorsus , 31 Jan 2014

Started my healing this week

Hello! I just found out about this site through a Dermatillomania blogger and I am super happy about this. I have GAD which I've had since I was as young as 3 years old but wasn't treated until I was 20. I have been picking since 2012 shortly after I became pregnant with my daughter. I have picked almost every where from my head to my ankles but unlike most people dealing with this, I do not attempt to cover up my scabs (I don't have much of a reason on why I don't cover them). My picking began to really get out of hand (no pun intended) when I started catching myself picking without me really realizing I was. As of Monday I have been devoted to stop picking my skin (I am on day 4 of no picking). i have even went as far as getting fake nails and I have a routine of putting on Aveeno lotion and Neosporin on my skin which I started yesterday. I also use a body scrub but I plan on making a coconut oil sugar scrub once I run out of this scrub. Any advice any one can share is super welcomed :-)
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February 10, 2014
Congratulations on your decision, how is it going? I am starting my journey to stop picking my face, and am finding my anxiety and depression really getting in the way of my efforts to stop. But that is the nature of the beast I suppose. I love my coconut and sugar scrub, its amazing. I also use benzoyl peroxide on my face, but that's only helpful with pimples which set me of picking, not scabs that result from the picking.

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