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Rsc320 , 03 Feb 2014

New here- I can't stop picking. Depressed. Don't want to leave my house.

I am a picker. I pick my face and eyebrows. I make myself so mad by the time I am done. My skin isn't that bad on my face, some adult acne (I am 34) but I make it sooo much worse by digging at it with my fingernails and tweezers. Lately I can't leave my eyebrows alone, like if there is the tiniest hair beginning to grow outside of my "arch" (defined brow), I want it gone and I make such a mess of my eyebrows by tweezing at the hair that is way too small to grab with tweezers. But I am so determined! I keep at it until I am bleeding and I have a mess. I am ashamed of this, I am ashamed of how my face looks. I don't want to go anywhere because of it. I haven't been to my church in a month because I am ashamed of my pic marks and redness. I feel so hopeless. My dermatologist said to stop picking and gave me some topical acne stuff and a blood pressure pill that helps with acne. I used accutane 15 years ago and I wish I could get it again but I know it's pretty bad stuff. I did good on it. Anyway, I just need support for the picking, the physical scars, but mostly the emotional scars this is leaving. Help.
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February 05, 2014
Rsc320, I'm sorry to hear you are not only physically but emotionally scared from your picking. I have been picking at my face for nearly 7 years - it's sounds crazy to say that - and I've dealt with the same emotions you are describing. The worst part is we pickers continue to harm ourselves even when it hurts us. Currently, I am on what I call an "upswing," when my picking is close to none or minimal. My face has been mostly scab free for a month. Recently my family has been battling greater difficulties, and through that experience I discovered I needed to be strong for my family. A way I could show them that is by trying my best to stop the one habit they hate to see me do. From altering my purpose from myself to others, I found my motivation. I know our circumstances are different, but I hope this can shed some light for you. As far as actual products for healing go, try calamine lotion. After picking, I rub a couple layers on. Its purpose is to heal wounds - which is really what we are doing, creating wounds on our face. Also, I use minimal products: Purity face wash and Hope in jar lotion. Sometimes too many products isn't good either. I sincerely want you to know I understand you and support you. Finding this website saved me last year, and I frequent it to get insirped from success stories and to remain grounded and realistic from reading troubling stories. Stay strong. And go to church - direct yourself purposfully toward things that make you happy.

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