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shutide , 04 Feb 2014

I destroy my hurts

Not sure if i'm in the right place. Not sure if I have the energy to tell it all. But tonight I chose to look up to see if what I have been doing to my toes on and off for years is connected to anything. I see things like depression..anxiety. yes and yes...on and off. more so on lately. But this started in my teens..and I am in my early 40's now. Had a nice pedicure because I spent time back home in CAfor the holidays. Now I'm back to where I live and reality..and the other night I started picking at my toenails. I started with the corners..where I thought it was the start of an ingrown..or maybe sock lint in the corner from wearing my tennis shoes so much. So..that began the latest episode..and tonight I just kept going..and now my right big toenail is to the quick and bleeding..fourth toe on left foot bleeding and all of the nails are ripped off (not completely..just the nice filed manicured edges are gone). I immediately feel bad...but it felt painfully good. and yes..I have some stress and anxiety that is and has been goin on right now. As I sit here now, I have my feet soaking in warm water, because I am sure that my Left big toenail needs tending too and I'll just keep going. Embarrasing..toes throbbing..kinda like it. WHY????? this is not normal. Help????
4 Answers
June 27, 2014
First of all Good day! I would just like to give thanks to the admin who posted this one I really appreciate it thank you. Yeah right I totally agree with you! Yeah me too! I also experience that one. Toenails are veyr sensitive and very painful if it's broken i'd wish to lose one of my teeth than to fail the pain from my toenails. Keep up the good work and Godbless! Anyway I am here to promote real followers in instagram. Guys we are real and legit. Be with us to, gain instagram followers
August 07, 2014
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June 14, 2021

Hi, well I'm kind of late for this but anyways. I'm 13 and have had this exact problem for a year or two, I usually do it before going to bed and many nights I have to take paracetamols because of the pain in my toenails that keep me up. For some reason they start hurting after a few hours and only one of them starts hurting. I hate myself for doing it and I always have to hide my toes because of it.

June 14, 2021

Whoops, forgot to say that I also have diagnosed depression.

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