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rochellexx15 , 05 Feb 2014

found something thah helps

After picking since I was about 3 [ im 21 now ] iv been picking pretty much everywhere. Iv tried EVERYTHING ! I finally found something that helps quite a bit for me , I don't know if it will work for everyone but it's worth a try right? First I put on fake nails because it makes it hard to pick. Second I started taking Prozac. And v been doing the best iv done with my skin in ages. :) good luck
2 Answers
February 12, 2014
I do the fake nails thing too! I've tried over 10 meds but none of them work. Too many side effects. I guess I'm more into natural healings. Like deep breathing and yoga. It really does help a lot, especially if you suffer from anxiety as well, which majority of us do. Putting neosporin on the areas you pick also helps you to stop picking in that area temporarily. That's one of my favorite temp solutions :)

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