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penny21 , 05 Feb 2014

skin picking and pregnancy

Hii:) im 21 and i have been picking my face since i was 14 before i had acne.I have all most stopped my skin picking I only pick when I have brake outs which I can't seem to control im on tablets and cream ATM but I feel like I'm in a constant battle with my face!. Me and my partner are planning our first baby together I have removed my contraceptive implant and we have started trying (verry excited):D. I am worried what when I am pregnant or become a mam my skin picking will affect my baby because if I have a bad skin day I won't want to leave the house or I will be late trying to cover it up with make up:(! I That sounds so selfish of me! I feel like not going to woek tmorow because of my skin but i have no choice i need to pay the bills.I also heard that skin picking is some times passed down by peoples parents I don't want my child to have to go through what I have been through. any one who can help me in any way i would be verey gratefull. Thankyou xxxx

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