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Ayypril , 21 Feb 2014

Interesting way my picking stopped. Must read!

Hey guys So for over 20 years of picking at my skin (fingers, random scabs, etc) I have discovered something not all of you might agree with or want to even attempt. So recently I have been trying to discover myself such as trying new things specifically psychedelic drugs or medication as I like to call it. A few months ago I was introduced to DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and the experience was indescribable. I suggest watching the documentary 'DMT: The Spirit Molecule' that can be found on YouTube. After doing DMT which by the way the trip only lasts for 5-10min depending on body weight and how much you smoke marijuana or use other psychedelics, I found that I had zero need or want or subconscious desire to pick my fingers. This lasted for a few months and my fingers completely healed as if my picking never existed. I was so amazed by this that I started showing my friends and family but not revealing the reason I believed is behind it due to obvious reasons. Everyone I showed agreed that my picking was gone. Of course it did return with a vengeance and it made me very upset. So a few days ago I did DMT again and guess what? My picking has stopped yet again. Only after a few days my fingers are almost completely healed and the happiness I feel is astounding. Now, I am in no way condoning use of DMT but after reading extensively about it and talking with others who have done DMT I think it might be worth a shot if you can get your hands on it. Also I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on this subject as I have not been able to find a legitimate link between picking and the healing powers of DMT. Please be open and gentle. This could potentially be our cure not only for picking but maybe other OCD associated disorders or any mental disorder for that matter. I don't know. All I know is that my fingers are healing and it's such an amazing feeling. I look forward to your comments. Here's to healing <3
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February 21, 2014
I actually have a migraine condition in addition to my skin picking problem and im always looking for alternative treatments, I heard and watched a doc about a man who used magic mushrooms once every few months to keep his migraines at bay. I'm thinking that this DMT idea may have merit and I actually might try it out because I reeeeeeeally want to stop doing this to myself.
February 21, 2014

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April Marie Hey! I'm glad you responded. I do genuinely believe that DMT has something to do with me not picking. It's amazing. I wish I could show you before and after pics. But please before you try DMT I want you to research it extensively to make sure it will be ok for you. There's absolutely zero side effects. Cross my heart. And please be careful where you get it from. In my experiences I have been with a very close friend. DMT is very spiritual and calming but exciting at the same time. When doing DMT for the first time I recommend you be with someone close to you in a quiet, dark place preferably laying in a bed. Having any sort of distraction around you might alter the experience. After 5-15 min you come out of the trip with an entire outlook on the universe and suddenly it's like you're back on earth and your mind is clear. Your worries no longer cripple you but rather allow you do deal with them easier. It's simply amazing. There are simulated trips you can find on YouTube but they don't even compare they just give you an idea. I think DMT is worth it definitely
March 23, 2014
HI, I am 65 yr old and have been suffering from this disorder since about age 10. I believe it started after a bout of Impetigo. ( a type of staph infection) I remember being made fun of and laughed at by a bunch of boys. I believe it is a severe anxiety reaction and also suppressed rage. My disorder has flared up and receded at times throughout my life. I know a lot about DMT and other pyschedelics in the use of mental illness. There was a period of time when Psychiatrists had more freedom in using them and they were getting excellent, dramatic results. Ibegaine is used for Heroin addiction with incredible results. DMT is produced naturally in the body. I would love to try it myself, I just don't have the money. If you can do it, I say GO FOR IT! DMT has been used by Shaman's for centuries. It is a very Spiritual experience. Watch the Documentary DMT-THE SPIRIT MOLECULE. it's on Netflix and I think on You Tube. Good Luck on your journey.

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