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Msvaf3815SEIA , 24 Feb 2014

Facial hair

Many years ago I had some electrolysis done on my face. It turned out to be a horrible experience. I was left with severe skin discoloration, and infections that caused welts on my skin that baffled many good dermatologists. I waited years to begin laser hair removal and did as many treatments that I could afford. Now, Many years later I am now in the habit of severely picking at any facial,hairs I can see with the aid of the most powerful magnifying mirrors I can get my hands on. The result....digging deep into my skin to try to get root hairs and follicles that are trapped and twisted. They hurt and once I am in the trance and the process begins I am unable to stop. Tomorrow I will talk to a new doctor I am seeing. I hope I can speak of the details of this shameful and dangerous behavior. I need to stop this picking for I now fear I will get a deadly infection in my blood. I am Putting it out there for the first time.
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May 02, 2014
Hi, I've never had treatment for my unwanted hair but I feel your pain as it's took over my life. I don't discuss it with anyone and I've never told my boyfriend as I'm deeply ashamed but I do wonder if he knows anyway because how can he not see it? I have a lot of ingrown hairs and like yourself I dig until I have a gaping hole on my face and most of the time I don't even manage to get in out with makes things ten times worse because I will not for up, 99% of the time it gets infected and I end up with scabs all over my face it's horrendous. Have you had any luck since you posted this comment? Hope so xxxx

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