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98rachelmarie , 24 Feb 2014

Please help.

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm fifteen years old. I've always known I've had issues, but I just thought they were bad habits. I stumbled upon this website, and now I'm beginning to get really scared. Since I was little I sucked my thumb, and this went on until I was almost eight years old. Once I stopped that habit, I began eating the skin on my fingers, usually around the nail. I chew them until the bleed, I digest the skin, and I lick the blood. I do this on my thighs, too. I don't know what these little black dots are on the skin on my thighs (I think they might be little in grown hairs), but I squeeze them until stuff comes out and they bleed. I eat the substance and then when scabs are made, I peel them off and eat them. I can sit in the bathroom for hours doing this. I also do this with my acne. I eat the puss and liquid, and the scary part is that I can't stop! It's absolutely disgusting, but if I pop a zit and don't eat or rip the scab off, it will drive me insane. When I get nervous or scared or I play sports, I use my thumbs and other fingers to peel the skin off around my nails. It's getting so bad and I'm so self-conscious about all of it, but I just can't stop. My fingers are always sore, I can't wear nail polish, and as a teenage girl, I love nail polish. I've tried putting this type of polish on that tastes bitter and is supposed to deter me from doing it, but I just can't! I get used to the taste of the bitter and keep going. It's been years now and I don't know what else to do. My friends comment on it, my parents comment on it, and I just feel like such a disgusting human being. Please help me?
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February 24, 2014
I also chew the inside of my mouth (cheeks and lips), I peel scabs off my scalp, sometimes if I pull a hair out I'll eat the ends of it, if I see a dot on my breast I squeeze it and if anything comes out I eat it, I do the same with my arms, I used to eat the skin off my toes, too, but I eventually stopped that and moved onto other areas, and also, when I used to be a cutter, I would wait until my cuts would turn to scars and then I would peel off the scabs, eat them, and lick the blood. I'm sorry if I sound disgusting but I just have to. And I feel so embarrassed about it, but if I there is anyone who can get me to stop and be normal like my friends and the people in my school, please help me. I feel like a freak, and I probably am. I just don't know what to do.

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