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Tweezer , 24 Apr 2009

Is anyone in the DC area?

Hi everyone, Just want to start by saying that this has been such an immense relief-- just knowing it's not just me, that I'm not some kind of closet means the world. I'm 31and female; been a picker for years-- for as long as I can remember. It has gotten worse in the last 4 or 5 years, though, with full blown sessions happening under hot lights. I pick my shins almost exclusively, usually with tweezers and needles, but sometimes my hands wander around to my upper arms. Like a lot of you, I have KP, and the urge to "fix" it is what got me started. I've also always been a nail-biter and a knuckle-cracker. So my shrink says that as helpful as online forums can be, it's really more effective to have an in-person support group or at least someone to talk to face-to-face who does it too. I know this is scary--I can't even fathom someday being comfortable enough to wear skirts again, let alone talk about this out loud, but I think it might really help. If anyone is out there, please reply to this posting. Maybe we could start with email until we get more comfortable, and then brave the meeting? You are all so, SO brave, and I'm honored to be among you. Thanks so much, Tweezer
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May 05, 2009
wow, your story sounds so similar to mine. I am 27 years old. I think I have always been a picker, since I was a . little girl. My picking has become worse in the last 5-6 years also. My area is the upper arms. I was seeing a therapist, a few over the past several years, but none of them really seemed to have much knowledge of compulsive skin picking. Now I have health insurance but it does not cover mental health. I cannot afford to pay regular price for therapy since one session would be between $125 - $190. I hope this online forum helps. I also want to start a face to face support group. I live in Missouri. Not sure how long it would take to get to DC from here : ) Please let me know how you are doing getting a support group together. I need ideas.
May 23, 2009
Hi there, I'm a 28 yr old woman in the DC area. I have to admit that I am not ready to meet in person about this, but do ultimately believe a support group could be helpful. My deal is with scalp picking and eating. I also cut my leg hairs with scissors, resulting in multiple nicks. My god, that was the first time I've written or said that, and it was really, really hard. The shame is so deep, and the fear about someone reacting with disgust is almost overwhelming. So, I don't mean to raise your hopes about meeting, but I did feel the need to push myself out of the comfort zone by even responding. You are not alone around here! Maybe if we can gather a few more folks in the area we can swap stories and resources. One of my nightmares is getting my hair cut, and I would love suggestions from people about stylists around here that won't be freaked out by seeing me, or just other tolerant folks with hairstyling skills that could do it themselves! Take care, S.
May 26, 2009

In reply to by Alameda

Hey, S. Thank you so, so much for being brave enough to reply. No hopes, so please don't feel any kind of pressure. I am so not into pressure or rushing or anything-- I promise. This thing is so strong and so close to overpowering, that what I really want (for all of us here) is to have someone to talk to who really understands. Without sounding ridiculous, I have tears in my eyes right now. Please don't worry. We are all scared, we are all ashamed, and we have all, until now, felt terribly alone. The wonder of this is that we aren't alone, and for as long as it takes, we can just be here in a totally anonymous and loving forum and talk to each other. So there's no time line, no pressure, no nothing. Just a hug and some love for being on here and talking about it. Please, please feel free to talk any time. A
May 29, 2009
Hi I so agree that a face to face support group would be the best. I have been trying to think of away to start a support group where I live(Missouri). If anyone has done this or has any ideas let me know! : ) The online forum does help also. I have been writing and reading on here for the past week and today is my 7th day without picking! Have a good day everyone. all the women out there; email me
June 06, 2009
I'm in the DC area. Just found this site. My main issue has been anorexia in h.s. and bulimia ever since. But in high school, I also started picking and eating. In the last few years, it has gotten much more severe. I pick at my face and anywhere there is a bump or imperfection. I'm 34 and female. I have to paint on cover-up all the time. I have never seen evidence on anyone else of any picking, so I truly thought I was the only one.

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