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olivegreen , 17 Mar 2014

Skin picking and cysts

Hello all, I am a long - time member but haven't been on the forum in over a year. I successfully quit picking (very hard) and was pick - free for a few months until we moved and the stress brought me back to picking. Since then, I've been picking more than ever. Now I seem to have two cysts on my scalp (my most frequent pick site.) I read online that an injury to the skin can cause cysts. I am guessing that picking all these many years caused this. Anyone out there have a similar problem? I know I have to quit, again, and it's hard to start again knowing how hard it was the first time. Anyway, here I am again. Nasty cysts and all, now.
2 Answers
March 25, 2014
I can relate! I have this exact problem along my bikini line and it is super painful. It's for the same reasons, I'll pick obsessively at ingrown hairs until the skin actually gets so damaged that I have a open wound and because I can't seem to stop picking and squeezing, even after my skin is that damaged, the wounds get infected and end up being large and cystic. Sometimes it gets so bad that I almost think that I should be getting them drained. But then my OCD brain kicks in and says 'just squeeze it and you'll be able to pop/drain the fluid and it'll feel better' it's a dirty vicious cycle :(
July 09, 2014
Are you getting seed like or root like items out if the sores? If so please read my post.

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