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Sophomania , 24 Mar 2014

No life and feeling down

I don't know what to do and I feel rather stupid posting here. I've had dermatillomania since i was 8. No one understands it and i'm constantly told to just stop and find a new hobby. I pick almost all day every day. I don't need a mirror and when i get one the tweezers, needles, and blades come out. I'm depressed a lot and I've seen a lot of doctors about it. They all tell me it's not a real thing and it doesn't look that bad anyway. Well i'm covered in scars and scabs and infections and the stares seem to disagree. It's hard to get through the day. I have no friends and no life. I have a boyfriend but he has been telling me lately if i don't stop this he will have to dump me and kick me out. He has a daughter and he thinks my picking will hurt her. I keep telling him it's hard to just stop and i would never pick in front of her but he says he can't trust me not to hurt her and that he doesn't want to explain why i look like this. I would never hurt her and it could be passed off as bad acne. I don't know. He also tells me how embarrassing it is for him in public and that his friends think i'm ugly now. My whole family tells me how silly this is and that it makes them ashamed. I've been trying to stop my whole life and it's so hard. Long post sorry.
2 Answers
emotionally recked
March 26, 2014
hey i'm an obsessed face picker and sound just like you no one understand i've actually found someone on here who does and that makes me feel alot better i have scars all over my face now and i feel discusting this has ruined my life it has become an overwhelming obsession i feel sorry for you my husband never tells me things like that he tells me theres no scars i know hes lying but it does help your boyfriend should have never of told you that he doesn't sound supportive of your situation and if his friends thought that so what your his not theirs he should of supported you and told them to f off its nice to vent on here because we understand what your going through if he truly loves you he will support you and just because you pick how does he figure you would hurt his daughter that sounds absurd well i'm here for you but i think you really need to evaluate the situation your in and i wouldn't let him kick you out i'd move my darn self out keep your head high sweety BECAUSE YOUR WORTH IT!!!!
March 26, 2014

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Your so right about letting her boyfriend treat her like that, if anything you will pick worse because of the way he's treating you. Don't take crap off any man hun,, EVER!!! You sound like me in the way you pick everywhere you possibly can, im sitting here in absolutely agony and all I want to do is lock myself in my bedroom and get my mirror and tweezers out! Its so hard x

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