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potatoes , 26 Mar 2014

what to do when left with lots of hyperpigmentation

Hello, I have recently relapsed myself back into being a picker after sort of stopping since October last year especially since being on the pill has helped on my acne and cysts tremendously. I started to pick again most recently after feeling down trodden with my appearance up close, most especially when wearing makeup and the natural lighting just somehow accentuates my scars more. Plus I want to stop wearing makeup for good because of this. Apart from my cheeks, the rest of my skin is great and it's a shame for that to be hidden under a load of slap. I am so tired on putting full makeup each morning, it doesn't relate to how I see myself or want others to see me but I have been so insecure with my hyper pigmentation. But when I'm wearing foundation, I become insecure about my scars and freak out anyone coming up close to me. Long story short, I have started using carrot juice, drinking it and applying it straight on my cheeks. Before I was using lemon juice but it stung and too acidic on skin especially on open sores. I read that carrot juice has high vitamin A which is great for skin renewal and turnover. I'm hoping overtime this would help on my pigmentation as well as scars. I will only apply it before bed or when not heading out as it leaves a temporary or any stain on skin. I need to keep reminding myself to keep my nails cut short as I couldn't find the nail clipper and let myself easily in full denial that it was OK to scratch off rough skin. I was using hydroquinone 4%, a product I brought online but never touched it until now. Another product like glycolic acid which both do not work well with my skin. Glycolic acid caused acne and cysts all over my cheeks and jaws. Hydroquinone had recently made my pigmentation rough and brownier. I hated seeing it there that I used my nails to scratch it off and well, you can probably guess the coming consequence.

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