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emily61892 , 26 Mar 2014


This is my first post, I have been suffering from dermatillomania for a few years, and this past picking episode has been AWFUL. I have about 5 large scabs on my face, so I bought Lanolin which is a product for cracked, dried nipples for women who are breastfeeding. I heard others on this site had success with this and I just wanted to hear others' opinions. Or, if anyone had any other healing tips. Thanks!
2 Answers
March 26, 2014
I use a product called Lansinoh on my thumbs when they're so badly chewed I can barely bend them, it does work well but it's too greasy to use during the day for me
March 26, 2014

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Thanks for the reply! Luckily I am on spring break so I have nowhere to be for a few days. I plan on keeping it on my face as much as possible, so maybe there is hope!

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