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iztherhope , 26 Apr 2009

Re-Occurring Sores

I looked through many of the posting and didn't find an answer or discussion (unless I missed it) so I thought I would just ask. I have MANY scars as most of us do, I have noticed that some spots /scars seem to "bubble up", almost like blister, out of the blue. I feel crazy, my doctor thinks maybe i rub or irritate the spot somehow, not thinking, and make a new sore. I have tried paying attention more and I really don't think I cause the sore. My problem is once I get a sore / scab then I pick. The thing is, I have payed attention to a couple areas and have noticed that the sore will heal (with ALOT of work by me, trying not to touch it) and will be just the thick type of scar (pink or purplish). Then, without me touching it or getting a big bite or anything "new' it seems that the scar will blister up. It feels like a water blister, then OF COURSE, I have to squeeze it because I have to relieve the pressure under it. Once it "pops', then the maddening cycle continues because now I have an open sore and any rough edge I need to peel or if it scars I pick someone else on here said, even though I know (logically) that it is not going to heal or go away by picking, I still seem to try to pick / peel it away....I just want it gone, so I try to take it off...of course, then often making it more sore, more red, or even bigger because of pulling the rough edges. Anyway, sorry I got off there a question is...does anyone else have spots that seem to re-erupt or blister?? (right on top of a previous scar) I have seen a dermatologist, who basically made me feel like shit too, and just said that it was from me picking and that I needed to stop. He mentioned therapy ( I was already trying meds)...He gave me a cream to help the spots heal when they start and another to put on if i get a very itchy spot like a bug bite. The "healing" cream seemed magical at first, now doesn't seem to work either........UGHHHH. Anyone?????

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