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Jessicabj , 29 Mar 2014

New at this

I'm new here. My son is a skin picker. He's 6 and has dyslexia. My dr said he could be caused by anxiety or stress so he has suggested a counsellor but we can't get in until the end of April. He picks at his cheeks and arms. I can't put band aids on them because they leave re bumps which he then picks. He's had open sores for over 6 months now as they don't get a chance to heal. We tell him to stop but he does it in his sleep. From reading up about this I wonder if I also suffer from the same thing. I bite my fingers around the cuticle to the point where there are holes in my finger that are very sore. Please help with any information you have!
1 Answer
March 29, 2014
Is it normal to be skin picking at such a young age?

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