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kitty.p , 30 Mar 2014

New to site, skin picking issues.

I have been trying so hard to get rid of this problem for ages but not getting anywhere. As we all know picking at your spots makes things worse, picking at the scabs left from picking spots is even worse yet for some reason I am really struggling to stop. I try not to look in the mirror when I can help it but I instinctively touch my face, back, chest etc and find something to pick at mostly without even noticing it is happening until it is too late. And when I do look in the mirror despite telling myself not to and that it will make things worse, I pick. I tried reading various online articles about exactly how bad it makes things and what it does to your skin in hope that I could kind of scare myself out of it. I try thinking things like, "If I don't pick over the next few days my skin should look nicer by the time I have my night out" or "It would be great for my skin to not have marks and scabs from picking in my graduation photos, but that can only happen if you stop" etc but it is as if my fingers have a mind of their own when it comes to these things and I just keep doing it. It is so annoying, where is my willpower? I sometimes manage a few days and feel so pleased with myself for not picking but it soon goes back. It is such a vicious cycle, if I didn't have anything to pick at I wouldn't pick but because I pick it makes more things to pick at. I hate having the scars and red marks from this and it does get me down even though I try not to let it I just want it to go away
2 Answers
March 30, 2014
If iTs spots you pick at try getting some antibiotics prescribed, they take several weeks to clear it up and you may need to be on them long term but they've improved my skin and stopped my face picking
April 01, 2014
I just wrote a long comment a week ago - try to see if any of it helps (cleansing with a brush, covering up my mirror, signing a promise)... I've been almost completely picking free for two weeks now which I'm so happy about. I've never been able to last this long before. I've only had a bit of back picking once in a while. I have no huge outbreaks but I am left with a whole bunch of large pores with blackheads and small pimples, which annoys me and makes the non-picking a lot harder... If anyone knows how to get rid of those without picking (which will make me unable to stop) please let me know...!!!!..

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