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tiffa1985 , 01 Apr 2014

My regimen

Hi everyone. My name is Tiffany. A little backstory - I never realized I had a problem with picking my skin. It was just something I did when I was nervous or anxious. my skin had a ton of dark marks, I was able to hide with makeup. I used to think that I just had sensitive skin and that everyone picked their scabs. About a month ago I was researching some things when I noticed that I was picking at a scab on my cheek. I didn't realize I was doing it. That scared me because I was neither nervous or anxious about anything. This made me think back to all the times I could have been doing this. Going into a daze and just picking away and cause these self inflicted wounds. I decided that I wanted to look up a way to stop picking and to heal my skin. I am thankful I found this site. Now onto my regimen ... Someone posted this a while back and I wanted to advocate it. It has worked wonders for me in the last month alone. Ingredients from the original post: cleansing wipes, humco calamine lotion, cetaphil antibacterial soap, Vaseline repair lotion Steps: 1. Before you go to bed wipe face with cleansing wipes to remove dirt/makeup/etc 2. Put calamine lotion all over your face/problem areas and make sure it's heavier on the worst areas 3. Go to bed ... Make sure your face or other parts of your body is dry 4. In the morning wash your face off with cetaphil antibacterial soap 5. Dry your face and rub the Vaseline repairing lotion onto your face/problem areas Added steps: after problem area is healed twice a week wash face with pure raw honey before applying calamine lotion Hope this helps!!! Tiffany

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