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Jessicabj , 03 Apr 2014

Child who picks

Does anyone have a child that is a skin picker? How do I help him stop? He's only 6 and picks even in his sleep. It's become super noticeable and adults and other kids are really starting to notice because of the nice weather and he picks his cheeks. I need help!
1 Answer
April 09, 2014
I remember one of my friend's little brothers picked at the skin on his fingers until til point that they would be bleeding. More recently my youngest brother began biting the callous skin off of his hands. Most importantly do not scold him for what he is doing, more likely than not he doesn't even realize what he is doing and the anxiety of feeling ashamed of it will only make it worse. I suggest asking him why he does it. Help him undserstand what exactly is causing him to do these things. Maybe make an agreement with him that any time he finds himself picking you both will do a fun activity together or just something that will distract him for the behaviors. Also, putting gloves on his hands while he is at home or sleeping is a great barrier for those times when you can't be watching him (bordem is a common trigger for pickers). He is really young, chances are this is just a phase and he will grow out of it like my friend's brother and my little brother did. I hope some of this helped!

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