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dogproblems , 10 Apr 2014

fingerprinting issues?

Hi everyone, I'm 25 and have been picking and biting the skin on my fingers for years. I tend to pick at the rough edges of previously-picked skin, and on some of my fingers it's worked its way to where it affects my fingerprints. I've worked at government offices for the past two years and this is becoming a serious issue. For a background check last year, I had to get fingerprinted at least three times before they got prints they could use, but they were nice about it and never mentioned the reason. In my new job, to get into my office after hours or on weekends I have to use a fingerprint scanner which usually doesn't work for me. But the worst was getting fingerprinted for the new position today. The lady doing it commented several times about how much I must bite my fingers, told me I had terrible fingers and that she should have put on gloves before touching me, and generally treated me like I was disgusting in front of her co-workers. It was so embarrassing, and I don't think she managed to get a full set of prints anyway. Has anyone else dealt with this at all? I don't know if there's anything I can do about it, even if the skin heals my fingerprints won't be complete.

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