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kayro15 , 06 May 2014

a depressed face skin picker

i've been suffering with this for as long as i can remember. my face. of course, the most noticeable of places, gets destroyed the most- but so do my arms and legs. the bathroom has become my enemy. so have my tweezers. keep picking at open wounds thinking it will get better if i get all the last little white heads, or wtvr it is that i'm digging for. the cover up doesn't work… i feel like i'm babysitting my face- always having to coordinate my excursions on the condition of my skin and how my coverup is doing in concealing the damage underneath. i've lost interest in being around ppl for fear that they will notice the craters in my skin and wonder what happened. i don't go out and the vicious cycle continues. i leave for work and come right home. it's just terrible. i feel like i'm alone in this world and no one understands what i'm going through. the preparation to leave my house. the anxiety. the embarrassment. i hate it. i just started seeing a psychiatrist. i have a mood disorder. brought on by the skin picking or vice versa. not sure really. but both are definitely connected. he wants to put me on prozac to help with both. i read an article about the positive results a skin picker had being on it… has anyone had experience with taking prozac to help with the urge to pick? looking for any input/advice on whether medication is a way to go, in addition to therapy of course… i hate my life and what i've done to myself. my one wish is to be able to leave my apartment and not have to wear a stitch a make up. at this point it feels like that is lightyears away from happening. :(
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May 08, 2014
Just wanted u to know that ure not alone!!!!!!!!!! I feel the same about everything u wrote. The embarassment, the shame, the hiding from other people. I guess I pick cause I cant handle life. Today I slaughtered my face for hours to give myself a reason to call in sick from work tomorrow, to cancel the after work with my friend, to give myself a reason to hide all weekend alone in my flat. I hate myself so much Im such a looser.
May 09, 2014

In reply to by kayro15

Today I love beeing a picker. Today Ive called myself sick from work so Im just staying inside making huge plans for my future. Doin schedules for next week when I will be this new good looking not-picking person. Im planning when Im going to school, to work, meeting friends. Today I wont pick, I dont have to, Im already where I want to be: alone at home. In a few days when I realise Ive to actually do whats on my planning list I will fuck up again and hurt myself so I wont have to do it. History repeating on and on.

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