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relapserecovery , 07 May 2014

I just got some spot acne control stuff, but...

How am I supposed to put it on without picking? Any suggestions? Whenever I put it on, I feel triggered and focus on the spot for hours afterward. My acne is not that bad but the reason I got this medication is because even one pimple can trigger a full-scale relapse. Help?
2 Answers
May 11, 2014
For me it helped to remove my mirrors. In the bathroom Ive pulled the light bulb out and covered the mirror whith posters so theres only a thin strip of mirror left. This tiny slice of mirror in the dark is enough for putting face cream on etc, but I cant use it to pick! Tomorrow I need to fix my eyebrows and its a huge trigger for me just to have the tweezer in my hand. So Ive decided to text my friend that knows all about my picking something like "now Im going to put my light bulb back in and turn the lights on i the bathroom and pluck my eyebrows. I promise to do only this, no picking what so ever". Then I will remove the lightbulb again and throw the tweezer back behind the wardrobe where It belongs". Good luck to both of us!
July 14, 2014
I had a problem with touching my acne. I went to Korea and saw a product that you stick to keep you from picking. The patches/dots contain hydrocolloid and it kept me from not only touching them, but also allowed it to heal (extra bonus). I tried probably all the similar products in the states that are imported from China, but most just didn't STAY ON because the adhesive wasn't strong and it was really visible on my face. But I found some very recently manufactured in the states - Cover-Dot Acne Care from Smartmed. They're like MAGIC! It really stays on and it's almost clear unlike the other ones that claim to be clear. These Cover-Dots are totally worth it because stays on and it's waterproof (try to stay away from imported ones). I was completely skeptical, but it really works and best of all, it keeps you from picking at your acne. Hope that helps. Goodluck! Smartmed Cover-Dot

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