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Jmcdaniel618 , 12 May 2014

skin picker!!!!!

Finally I'm able to talk about it with people dealing with similar stuff... I know my picking comes from my acne that I've had since the 6th grade. I know this because not only did it start when the acne showed up but, with both of my pregnancies my skin cleared up (not totally but manageable) and I stopped picking. I get bumps everywhere! And I believe that that in itself frustrates me more and leads me to pick even more. I get tons of little ingrown hairs on my legs that I pick at. I get tiny skin bumps on the outsides of my arms and my acne effects my face, neck, and entire back. I feel caged in my own body. Sadly enough I know a dermatologist could solve all of my problems and I have yet to see one 1) I have no health insurance and 2) it is costly. It's just not possible while I'm a stay at home mother till the kids start school and I can work. I find that once I start picking I notice that I pick at the smallest bumps that would easily go unnoticed to everyone but myself. I NEED to find a way to at least ignore those no need to pop bumps. I often think well if I don't do it the bump will just continue to get worse so despite the red scabbed up bump I leave behind I pop it like I took care of it. I can't stand to touch my skin and feel bumps everywhere like I do but at least if I can get the picking under control it won't be so noticeable to everyone else that I even have the bumps. I don't know how to stop. It becomes compulsive once I start, there becomes a goal to get rid of all and any bump I come across. I need help. It's so frustrating to be a logical person knowing I'm inflicting this on myself yet have this compulsive urge to do it anyways when I KNOW the outcome. I often just want to cry over the skin that cages me in. Please someone help me!!!!!! Please.
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May 12, 2014
I feel ya girl. I feel like just an idiot because of HOW MANY TIMES I've told myself that im never gonna do it again. It's like every time before I do it I dont think its gonna be serious but it always is. Its going on about four years of this craziness. I don't understand :(
May 13, 2014

In reply to by sburkett91

Yea I don't even tell myself I won't do it cause I know I will. I just try to not do it either as much or as bad when I do do it. Sometimes it works, most the time not though lol. I totally get doing it and thinking it won't be as bad, and it usually is or worse. It sucks, I hate my skin. I just CANT feel the bumps or see a bump and be ok with it. It's an ongoing struggle and I wish I could find help until I can clear my skin for good. I know I pick at bumps that I should leave alone most of the time, I just can't help myself. Let me know if you come up with any tips or tricks. Some of the tricks I've heard just aren't realistic for me.

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